This week on Taking the Hire Road, Jeremy Reymer, founder and CEO of DriverReach, is joined by Anne-Marie Forbes Lynn, director of business development and marketing at U.S. Legal Services Inc.

Lynn, representing U.S. Legal Services to member companies, also serves as co-chair, image, promotion and identity, for the Allied Committee for the Trucking Industry (ACT 1). According to its website, ACT 1 acts as a meeting place for transportation leaders to “exchange ideas, forge new relationships, and build a stronger, more successful industry through networking and social events at the top national industry meetings.”

Her father founded U.S. Legal Services as a public defense attorney seeking to educate and provide those in need with quality affordable and ethical legal services. As for the trucking industry, the company’s CDL Defender offering is what put it on the map.

“The CDL Defender became what it is after a company came to us and said, ‘We know what you’re doing with public defenders and we need something similar for our drivers,’” Lynn said. “This was the advent of the CDL Defender.”

She added that U.S. Legal Services has grown immensely in knowledge, offerings and size. It now has attorneys in all 50 states, and it offers insurance, financial, tax and other services in all states.

This growth has pushed the company to new heights, including being an integral part of employee benefits packages across many companies in various industries.

Lynn says that particularly for companies in the trucking industry, offering robust legal services can highly impact recruitment and retention, especially among younger generations. 

While many drivers obtain legal services either from an employer or a third party, U.S. Legal Services is set apart by offering more extensive benefits at no extra cost to the employer. These include stage-of-life benefits, bankruptcy assistance and more, according to Lynn.

“These things don’t go away and being a part of a company that can deal with them and offer solutions to difficult pain points in people’s lives makes a difference,” she said. “We are amplifying solutions to regular and frequent issues, because at the end of the day, people have both personal and professional legal needs and we want to cater to that.”

To learn more about U.S. Legal Services, visit its website.

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