On today’s episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner is talking to American tanker trucking badass Taylor Barker about life on the road and his music. He talks about trucking wastewater out of East Palestine, Ohio, his view of the tanker market, in-cab surveillance, ghosts and we’ll hear his song “What I Wouldn’t Give.”

StreetDrone is on a mission to automate yard logistics. We’ll talk to StreetDrone’s co-founder Mark Preston about how they intend to revolutionize the industry.

Lose your freight, you’re going to need an excuse. Reed Loustalot is here to share how he’s bringing visibility to capacity and excuses to late drivers through his company LOST FR8.

Plus, cooking in the cab; horn pumps for kids; a day in the life of a driver; and more. 

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