Toll management solutions provider Bestpass is working with telematics creator Geotab to help commercial fleets better manage and monitor tolls to reduce expenses.

Bestpass allows for commercial vehicles to automatically pay tolls, and manage tolls for drivers. It covers all major toll roads in the U.S. Geotab provides vehicle data and GPS location information that integrates with Bestpass’ toll information. Their partnership will work to identify discrepancies between vehicle locations and reported tolls received. This can help smooth over disputes regarding toll charges for drivers and customers.

Customers will also have access to a high-level heat map, highlighting areas with high toll costs. All the data will be combined in one account, on Geotab’s platform. Users must be customers of both Bestpass and Geotab, and vehicles must be equipped with a compatible Geotab GO device.

The collaboration brings Bestpass’ Toll Genius feature to Geotab’s marketplace.

The Geotab platform shows Bestpass heat map information. (Photo: Bestpass/Geotab)

“This information can help fleets leverage the toll data to optimize routes and avoid costly tolls,” said Bestpass Head of Product David Long. “Fleets and owner-operators using Bestpass can also monitor all toll transactions and expenses in real-time, easily ensure necessary transponder coverage across your fleet, identify fraudulent activity, and more through their account.”

In November, Bestpass announced that it had acquired risk management platform Fleetworthy Solutions, in another move to expand its customer base.

Bestpass was also recently named to the 2024 FreightTech 100 by FreightWaves, which recognizes the most innovative companies in the commercial transportation industry.

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