On today’s episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner is talking to Federal Maritime Commission Commissioner Carl Bentzel about his just released Maritime Transportation Data Initiative report. The MTDI is setting the goal for ocean freight to pass the “pizza test,” allowing shipment visibility on par with Domino’s pizza tracker. 

With the advent of OpenAI, marketing is getting much more sophisticated. We’ll learn all about the latest trends and how to launch a successful campaign from Hawke Media founder and CEO Erik Huberman. 

FetchGoat is a real-time last-mile delivery monitoring and management company. We’re joined by FetchGoat co-founder and CEO Bill Hale to learn the latest in last-mile freight. We’ll also learn how firms are using OpenAI in this space.

SONAR has a big announcement as new integration features launch. FreightWaves’ Paul Howard shares the good word. 

Plus, a cheetah versus a robot dog; immaculate tarp work; getting body shamed by a Tesla; why armadillos are the best lumpers; and using a Ritz cracker to cut cheese.

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