Software provider LogRock on Tuesday launched a recruiting feature as the company continues to grow its carrier compliance offerings.

Co-founder and CEO Hunter Yaw told FreightWaves that while implementing its software with small fleets, the company kept recognizing a familiar pattern — a lack of integration between legacy compliance and recruiting tools. Additionally, many of the recruiting tools were expensive and came with a number of underutilized bells and whistles that made it difficult for small carriers to invest in their compliance.

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“We could make carriers’ lives easier by giving them a single tool that they can use to make sure that they are not missing any hiring steps, particularly in compliance, including background checks, verification of past employment, and then have all of that information automatically populate into the driver’s hiring record,” said Yaw.

LogRock’s new recruiting tool. (Photo: LogRock)

LogRock’s tool removes all the shiny features that Yaw found carriers weren’t using and gives each recruiter 10 simple steps to follow before the feature allows the user to hire a driver, including uploading motor vehicle records, performing a clearinghouse query, approving a Department of Transportation medical exam and passing new hire training.

The driver-facing application also has been simplified to allow for drivers to be recruited in a more timely manner.

According to Yaw, getting these small steps right during the recruitment process matters big time when carriers need to show compliance in court.

“Often small fleets under 50 trucks have one person who is in charge of recruiting and safety, which is a lot of work. God forbid they forget a step and they get audited or get hit with an accident. It’s an unfair scenario where a person was honestly trying to do their best but just missed a couple of things because they weren’t given the right tools to actually make their job easier,” he said.

With that sentiment in mind, LogRock also announced it will be providing its recruitment add-on for free to carriers with less than 50 power units.

“Larger fleets have dedicated recruiters and a whole hiring team that knows these processes backwards and forwards. … The small fleets are at a structural disadvantage because they can’t afford to have that experience. Our compliance software is all about helping the small carrier safety director by giving them much better tools to achieve high levels of safety and compliance. That starts with hiring good drivers,” said Yaw.

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