Giovanni Gubbels, founder and CEO of logistics service provider CtrlChain, discusses the company’s recent rebranding from ChainCargo and what the new name represents.

ChainCargo started five years ago with the goal of reducing waste and inefficiencies in logistics management and supply chains through an automated logistics ecosystem. Recognizing the importance of data in achieving these goals, Gubbels steered the company to focus more on providing accurate, consistent data to customers to truly make an impact.

The new name, CtrlChain, better reflects the mission of automating logistics by using data to help companies gain more control and visibility into their logistics operations.

Many small carriers still rely on manual processes, like email and spreadsheets, for logistics management. CtrlChain aims to drive sustainability through better decision-making based on real-time and historical information by providing digitalisation tools and aggregating data across these fragmented supply chains.

Clients today expect more than just basic services — they want visibility into granular performance metrics to optimize operations. In the industry, carrier scorecards are commonly reviewed, but the underlying data is often overlooked. Even if a carrier arrives on time at a loading location, they might depart later than scheduled.

The real question is: why are there delays in departure? Another concern could be that a carrier leaves on time, but the truck’s temperature control is not set correctly. “It’s mainly about what the data is telling us and how we can work with it to improve our day-to-day operations for operational excellence,” Gubbels said.

Gubbels believes there is plenty of room for improvement in modernizing supply chain technology. He notes that 60% of carriers still depend on outdated tools like spreadsheets and email.

Gubbels also says collaboration will be key to making progress. The entire vision for CtrlChain is to collaborate across the industry to centralize and share data.

“Among our few big milestones coming up is one of the most important ones: our carrier TMS,” he said. “We are giving this away for free to carriers mainly to help them digitize and create the data that we’re missing to make those critical steps towards sustainability.”

By working together and combining knowledge, CtrlChain hopes to learn where the biggest data gaps currently lie. The company wants to educate small carriers by providing tools for transparency at no cost, exemplifying the cooperative spirit needed.

In 2024, CtrlChain is expanding into new markets and launching additional services centered around data and visibility. Enhancing sustainability and meeting stringent emissions regulations will only be possible through digitalization and transparency. Because of this, Gubbels urges players across the fragmented logistics sector to work together now. The time for action is short as sustainability deadlines approach.

“Looking forward to what is coming in regards to the new sustainability regulations — the 2030 deal, the 2050 deal — it’s time to speed up and embrace the data which is available and make sure that collaboratively we’re going to generate more,” Gubbels said.

With sustainability benchmarks looming and increased environmental consciousness among consumers, supply chain improvements will require an all-hands-on-deck effort. CtrlChain aims to lead the charge into a more efficient, tech-enabled future — where sharing vital data fuels better decision-making industrywide.

To learn more about CtrlChain, visit its website.

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