Jeremy Reymer, CEO and founder of DriverReach, is joined on this episode of Taking The Hire Road by a great friend and innovative leader, Justin Clarke. Clarke is the founder and CEO of F|Staff, an on-demand truck driver staffing company.

Clarke founded Contracted Driver Services — a more traditional staffing company — with the goal of matching up qualified drivers and high-quality carriers. The evolution of technology has enabled Clarke to morph CDS into a more tech-forward operation, F|Staff.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology, Clarke is able to provide both drivers and carriers with a better experience than ever before. He has spent years building out the tech stack that allows F|Staff to provide an on-demand gig economy solution for carriers that need truck drivers quickly and truck drivers who deserve as much work as they want.

“We can manage our business much more professionally using technology instead of this archaic human-driven approach that was filled with errors,” Clarke said. “We believe people and technology work best together, not in separate forms.”

F|Staff connects drivers and carriers in a single app, making it easier than ever for drivers to find gigs and carriers to fill job orders. This high-tech approach, however, has not led to any sacrifices in service. Clarke is still driven by his love for truck drivers.

“Truck drivers can smell authenticity miles away,” Clarke said. “We are a family of workers who believe truckers drive everything because everything we need to live our lives is hauled by a professional driver at some point in its life cycle.”

While technology drives the tool, Clarke noted the importance of remembering who you are serving — and why you are serving them — when it comes to building solutions. A company that is out of step with the industry will struggle to survive, no matter how good their product may be. 

F|Staff’s tech-forward approach gives drivers the freedom to design their own lives, while offering carriers new levels of flexibility and control. Carriers can flex their driver force up or down in an instant, allowing them to respond to real-time market shifts and keep their trucks moving.

Beyond simply hiring drivers, F|Staff offers carriers the ability to review drivers and leave feedback. They can also gain control over who they work with by sending orders to a pool of pre-selected drivers within the solution, as opposed to all available drivers.

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