On today’s episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner is talking to the triumvirate of Convoy’s Dan Lewis, Uber Freight’s Bill Driegert and J.B. Hunt’s Spencer Frazier about their collaborative mission to develop an open API standard for scheduling. 

The Scheduling Standards Consortium now consists of 10 major players in FreightTech working together to begin standardizing trade data and synthesizing scheduling technology.

Covenant’s Matt McLelland is back from the ACT Expo and shares the good, the bad and the CARB from the event. We’ll also find what a fleet the size of Covenant’s is looking for in terms of sustainability. 

Software provider LogRock on Tuesday launched a recruiting feature as the company continues to grow its carrier compliance offerings. Hunter Yaw spills the tea. 

Supply chain veteran Paul MacLellan helps me complain about Boston sports and talks about the importance of experience in managing teams.

Plus, a daring rescue; the importance of wheel chocks; the yard dawg debate and what to tell your insurance company when a pair of moose get into a fight on your truck. 

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