In today’s global economy, efficient supply chain management is crucial for enterprises looking to gain a competitive edge. The success of any supply chain relies heavily on accurate data, strategic planning and a deep understanding of market dynamics. That’s why FreightWaves is excited to introduce Container Atlas, which captures ocean freight volumes and daily market pricing, empowering users to make informed decisions, optimize operations and stay ahead of the competition.

Whether users are looking for overarching container movement trends or monitoring specific ports, Container Atlas carries accurate signals to strengthen their decision-making. With FreightWaves’ port-to-port or regional pricing, Container Atlas users can accurately enter strategic or transactional situations with confidence. 

Multiple partners and data sources

FreightWaves SONAR acts as the transparent intermediary in the ever-evolving supply chain world. FreightWaves partners with leading technology providers and industry stakeholders to create an unbiased source of information. With more ocean data from disparate sources, backed by data engineering and machine learning, users are able to get the most accurate booking, tender and pricing information for every ocean shipment. 

Unlocking market insights

Container Atlas provides users with real-time access to critical ocean freight data and market analytics. Rather than only looking at shipments once they hit the port, users are able to visualize booking data. By harnessing the power of this data, users can gain a comprehensive understanding of the global shipping landscape, enabling them to plan their supply chains with unparalleled precision. From tracking shipment volumes across different routes and ports to monitoring daily market pricing trends, Container Atlas equips users with the insights needed to optimize their operations and adapt to market fluctuations swiftly.

Efficient supply chain planning

With Container Atlas, users can remove guesswork and reactive decision-making. Armed with the most accurate and up-to-date data, they can proactively plan and strategize their global supply chains. Users can identify bottlenecks, optimize shipping routes and forecast demand accurately, all while minimizing costs and ensuring timely deliveries. Container Atlas empowers users to navigate complex market dynamics with ease.

Embrace the future of supply chain management and embark on a journey to enhanced profitability and growth with FreightWaves’ cutting-edge ocean freight analytics solution. Container Atlas provides the upstream data companies need to unlock a global supply chain advantage. 

Contact FreightWaves today to unlock the power of data-driven supply chain excellence.

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