On today’s episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner is talking to ArcBest’s Wade Hanson about its new Vaux system, which promises to load a trailer in under five minutes. 

With double brokers, ghost loads, scams and every indiscretion in between, do load boards need a massive overhaul? FreightWaves’ JP Hampstead looks at the current issues plaguing freight. 

HDVI co-founder Reid Spitz talks about how it is helping fleets leverage telematics to lower premiums, mitigate risk and reward drivers. 

Everything is Logistics founder Blythe Brumleve talks about how companies are already starting to integrate AI into their supply chain marketing efforts. We’ll learn the good, the bad and the ugly of this tech that is sure to one day annihilate us all. 

Plus, drivers report long layovers at Tesla’s Nevada location; KIA gets launched into orbit; something you should never do on a truck; and saving dogs.

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