On today’s episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner is talking about a surge of ocean imports to U.S. ports. Is it here to last or is the peak of peak season already here?

With a UPS strike looming on the horizon, shippers need to scramble to secure contingency plans. Jay Silva, vice president of partnerships and alliances at OneRail, lets us know what to do if the worst happens. Plus, he’ll get us up to date on the latest final-mile trends.

It’s fourth and inches for some brokers in this market. Former Chicago Bears great Desmond Clark tells us how his Bear Down Logistics is leading in a down market. We’ll also learn about his new show and how an immigration law in Florida is impacting trucking.

Ever wonder how the wild world of fastener supply chains works? John Oldham Jr., global logistics manager at Field Fastener, gets us bolted down with the ins and outs of securement hardware. 

Plus, what kind of truck to buy; Tesla autopilot versus a semi; how not to load cans; and weekend dad energy. 

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