In the domain of customer service and support, generative artificial intelligence is set to revolutionize the landscape. Technology research firm Gartner predicts a 20% to 30% reduction in traditional service agents by 2026 as businesses adopt AI solutions to streamline processes. This technology not only boosts employee productivity by reducing handle times but also enhances interaction quality through reusable knowledge creation.

To help e-commerce merchants utilize generative AI to compete on a level playing field, the customer support automation platform Kodif has built a low-code solution that empowers service teams.

Established in 2021, Kodif’s founding team boasts showcases experience, resulting in the development of a technical product that empowers even those lacking technical proficiency to effectively utilize it. 

Norm Usenkanov, chief technology officer, worked at Uber for five years as an engineering manager, building a similar customer support program. Founder Marat Gaipov was a lead front-end engineer at Amazon. 

Chief Executive Officer Chyngyz Dzhumanazarov has a venture capital background. Founder Mike Zayonc established Plug and Play’s Supply Chain and Logistics innovation program in 2017.

Collectively, the team has maintained a passion for removing the barriers associated with adopting emerging AI technologies, thereby enhancing operational efficiency for merchants and brands of all scales.

Product breakdown

Kodif currently offers two products utilizing generative AI, its AI Agent Assistant and Customer Facing Self-Service platform. 

The two solutions together use conversational AI to answer service requests and queries for nontechnical customer experience teams. According to Kodif, it can address up to 80% of most customer requests. The assistant can also run analytics providing insight into common problems on customer satisfaction scores.

“Kodif offers specific use cases tailored to the needs of e-commerce merchants, such as refund, WISMO (Where is My Order), proactive outreach, subscription management, and risk and fraud prevention. These use cases address common challenges faced by e-commerce merchants and provide targeted solutions to improve customer support and enhance the overall customer experience,” Dzhumanazarov told FreightWaves.

While a common misconception of AI is that technology will be taking over a human’s job, Kodif believes its low-code approach and user experience have resulted in better employee knowledge.

“The AI agent assistant product is basically training agents in real time to respond based on your brand’s own voice,” said Zayonc. “It’s going to improve the agent’s experience while simultaneously improving the customer experience because your internal agents are now more educated and have better tools to respond to customers.”

The company is already working with brands such as Reserve Bar, Nom Nom, Byte, Yummy and Good Eggs. While the product primarily targets e-commerce companies, discussions have begun with transportation providers and other entities handling substantial volumes of customer service requests and updates.

“Everyone is looking into generative AI and it’s not that easy of a thing to implement for most brands. We have an opportunity to be a leader in bringing these solutions to customer support teams and I believe our automation tools are a great starting point for them,” said Zayonc.

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