Navistar Inc. is reliving for a third time a recall of medium- and heavy-duty trucks experiencing engine revving that can overwhelm the parking brake and lead to unintended movement.

The Lisle, Illinois-based manufacturer and Traton Group subsidiary is recalling nearly 30,000 International HV and MV trucks from the 2022-24 model years, and IC Bus TC commercial buses from the 2022-23 model years sold in the U.S. and Canada. All of the recalled vehicles could experience the issue. 

With the parking brake applied and the automatic transmission in drive or reverse with the stationary power take-off (PTO) switch engaged, the engine may rev and overcome the parking brake’s ability to keep the vehicle from moving.

Navistar reported no crashes or injuries.

Most of the recalled trucks — 21,710 — are MV models built from Aug. 1, 2021, to Feb. 10 this year. Navistar determined the issue exists in vehicles built with Cummins 2021 EPA B6.7 diesel engines after the HV TC bus discoveries. It quarantined the smaller engines at all assembly plants on Feb. 11. 

Issue led to 2 previous International recalls

The same issue led to a recall of 20,000 work trucks in the U.S. and Canada in December 2020. Navistar recalled 12,359 trucks for the issue in 2019.

If the parking brake gives way, the truck could move and cause property damage and endanger people nearby, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said.

The issue traces to the PTO interlock parameter setting in the Cummins 2021 EPA L9 diesel engine control module (ECM) not being enabled. A customer complained in January that one vehicle had an incorrect parameter setting similar to the December 2020 recall. 

The remedy involves updating the parameters in the Cummins’  ECM for feature codes 12VXT or 12VXU that enables the PTO neutral interlock. 

Dealer and owner notification letters will be mailed by April 24.The NHTSA recall number is 23V-120. The Transport Canada recall number is 2023-092.

The Navistar International lineup of medium-duty trucks. (Photo: Navistar)

2nd brake issue leads to recall of older International trucks

Separately, Navistar reported another braking problem in some older trucks. The company is recalling certain 2018-21 International HV, 2019-21 International RH, 2019-22 International MV, and ’22 International HX vehicles. A software error in the body control module (BCM) may cause the park brake to fail. 

The majority of the nearly 5,000 recalled vehicles in the U.S. (4,199) and Canada (742) are International HV models.

A customer complained in January that a vehicle upfit as a cement mixer unexpectedly moved after the engine speed was ramped up to begin pouring concrete. The fix is a software upgrade. The NHTSA recall number is 23V-119. The Transport Canada recall number is 2023-091.

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