Procurement platform Emerge recently announced a carrier partner program aimed at strengthening carrier-shipper relationships through greater visibility.

“This program is designed to give both shippers and carriers more control over their relationship. Shippers get more of an inside look into carrier performance for large fleets and capabilities before awarding business, while carriers get more insight into their competition and expand their shipper network,” said founder and CEO Andrew Leto in a news release.

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The Premier Partner Program is designed for fleets of 50 or more assets that have held themselves to a high compliance standard, providing exceptional performance in punctuality, tracking obligations, inspection results and other safety metrics. This includes a trucking company’s Emerge grade, which is produced by aggregating data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and other safety and compliance benchmarks.

According to Emerge, any shipper using the company’s RFP platform will be notified when a Premier Partner bids on a lane, enabling the shipper to open up a question-and-answer session with the carrier for more information on the lane. Other Premier Partners will have access to those question-and-answer sessions in case their questions on those lanes have already been answered.  

Watch now: Fireside Chat with George Abernathy and Andrew Leto of Emerge

“Emerge’s goal is to simplify freight procurement. We work to gain efficiencies, expand reach and uncover true market rates for shippers and carriers, saving both sides time and money. The Premier Partner Program expands our carrier family to include an even higher level of qualification of carriers that can meet the needs of participating shippers,” said president George Abernathy.

While the product is currently available only on the company’s Dynamic RFP platform, Emerge is working to soon have it available to shippers and carriers using its Spot Marketplace. 

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