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All thawed out 

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Cold chain tech provider Grip has moved into the fulfillment space. The new addition of fulfillment services now provides customers with a turnkey solution. The fulfillment centers are going to be in Texas, Florida, New Jersey and California. That combined with Grip’s technology can give shippers the best carrier, service, refrigerant, packaging and route for each shipment in its network. 

CEO and co-founder Juan Meisel said in a news release, “Most brands still ship their products the same way they have for decades, but there’s a better way. Perishable [direct-to-consumer] brands need a logistics partner who can provide them with a world-class dynamic shipping solution that allows them to better serve their customers and increase margins.”

As shippers continue to look for ways to reduce costs and waste and to improve efficiency, solutions that are all-in-one stand to be around for a long time. 

Temperature checks

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Iowa-based CJ Logistics America is opening a new cold storage warehouse in Gainesville, Georgia. The project is being led by RL Cold, a leader in the cold storage development industry. The facility will be 270,000 square feet, almost as big as the average Ikea for comparison. Since the warehouse is smack in the middle of the poultry production capital of the world, it’s likely going to be full of chicken in various forms: flash frozen, fresh, etc.

CJ Logistics America CEO Kevin Coleman said in a news release: “This new warehouse, coupled with our integrated transportation solutions, will significantly expand our cold storage presence in the Southeast so we can offer the companies we work with a reliable logistics center in the heart of the nation’s protein production region.”

Within the large warehouse is a U.S. Department of Agriculture office and inspection room, making all the imports and exports from the future Northeast Georgia Inland Port much easier to process. 

Food and drugs

(Photo: Ben & Jerry’s)

Coming to a freezer near you is Ben & Jerry’s newest flavor. The combination of sweet and salty meet in the new PB S’more flavor. As someone who loves s’mores and peanut butter, I’ll be in the ice cream aisle stocking up. What an honor that the announcement was timed around National Peanut Butter Day on Wednesday.

Product developer José Ureña said in a news release: “As we were developing the flavor, we were inspired by an internal team tasting — a ‘s’moregasbord’ if you will — of all the ways we like to enjoy our own s’mores. The combinations are limitless, but we think fans will enjoy this interpretation!”

If s’mores and peanut butter isn’t your vibe, Ben & Jerry’s also has a new Impretzively Fudge, a chocolate ice cream with chunks of chocolate-covered pretzels. 

Cold chain lanes


The National Reefer Truckload Index (RTI), which measures the average spot rate for refrigerated or temperature-controlled freight based on TRAC consortium data, has increased nearly 4% to start the year. Reefer rates can increase this time of year but typically settle by the middle of the month. The dry van counterpart, the NTI, has been on the rise over the past six days after falling as it typically does from its holiday highs.

The weather appears to have had some influence here as Arctic air hit the Eastern half of the country. The reefer rates could be getting a boost from the temperature-controlled aspect of the sector as the trailers are also used to protect freight from freezing in the winter months. The extreme cold may be disproportionately affecting refrigerated capacity as it also appears to have hit its market earlier than the non-temperature-controlled side. Higher temperatures are forecast for most of the country through the rest of the month, which should reverse the trend.

Is SONAR for you? Check it out with a demo!

Shelf life

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