Technology has expanded rapidly across the logistics industry in recent years. As companies across the space have become more tech-savvy, the demand for shipper integrations has exploded. 

This demand makes sense. Integrations make it easier and more efficient to get loads from one place to another – and to gain visibility into the process. 

The problem, however, is that these integrations tend to be expensive and inaccessible. Typically, integration solutions charge brokers and carriers on a per-transaction basis, which means these companies must choose between raking up hefty fees or limiting integration partners.

That is where Bitfreighter comes into play.

At its core, Bitfreighter is an integration enablement platform for freight. The company’s driving principle is to make integrations affordable and accessible by stepping away from the transactional pricing model and offering unlimited everything. 

Bitfreighter’s fully integrated shipper automations include:

Automated quoting – Spot & RTR API

Automated acceptance – EDI or API

Automated updates – EDI or API

Automated invoicing – EDI or API

The majority of the company’s clients have been limiting their integrations, offering them to only high-value partners who require them in order to continue doing business. Stepping away from the transactional cost model enables those companies to embrace more integrations and scale their volumes without increasing costs. 

In fact, the Bitfreighter platform – which includes a range of offerings explored below – allows companies to scale their shipper integrations up to ten times without breaking the bank. 

Unlimited messaging

Bitfreighter was founded on the idea of unlimited everything. Unlimited messaging is the natural starting point – and backbone of – this philosophy. 

“The standard charge per load for a transactional EDI pricing model is between $3 to $5 per load, depending on how much data (characters) your trading partner is transacting,” according to the Bitfreighter website.

This cost adds up quickly, preventing companies from adding new trading partners and scaling their integrations. With Bitfreigher, users pay a fixed monthly fee per trading partner. The price never changes based on the number of loads managed or messages sent. 

This predictable pricing strategy allowing companies take advantage of new technologies and grow their businesses, all without worrying about breaking the bank.

Single point of contact

Bitfreighter offers each client a single point of contact, allowing the customer solutions manager to create a concierge like experience while becoming a subject matter expert around their clients business to deliver modern integrations. The solutions manager will work to fully understand the client’s business, essentially becoming an extension of their team. 

An EDI expert is never far away, and this personalized approach empowers users to make swift decisions and take full advantage of the solutions available to them.

Value-added network

The Britfreighter platform enables many-to-one connections, effectively creating a value-added integration freight network. 

“The platform is a middleware with an extensible amount of connection and data uses with the ability to offer a user interface for value-added automation,” according to the Bitfreighter website. 

At the end of the day, this essentially means that Bitfreighter provides clients with convenience and security in one fell swoop, a one stop show for all shipper integrations.

Quoting Automation

The advent of new technologies has revolutionized once harrowing business processes across the supply chain, including truckload quoting.

Bitfreighter offers clients a real-time truckload quoting API – the LiveQuote product – that enables brokers to send their shippers automated quotes tailored to each shippers expectations, capacity and requirements for quoting. 

The feature also allows brokers to issue up a virtually endless number of quotes with no extra legwork by simply setting their parameters and letting the computer do the work for them.

The potential for automation only grows when users combine LiveQuote with bitfreighter EDI.

“For example, when you win freight using LiveQuote, the freight is automatically pushed out into the broker’s system and set up as an order without having to do anything manually,” Bitfreighter Vice President of Sales David McCoy said in a recent blog post. “Then, bitfreighter EDI handles the messaging and invoicing.”

Ultimately, everything Bitfreighter does is about moving away from transactional costs and embracing unlimited everything. 

“Based on our core foundational values, everything is unlimited,” Perling said. To scale a logistics company, you cannot be held down by transactional costs.”

Click here to learn more about how Bitfreighter can help you clear hurdles and conquer transactional integration costs today.

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