Jeremy Reymer, CEO and founder of DriverReach, is joined on this episode of Taking The Hire Road by an industry friend, Hayden Cardiff, chief innovation officer and founder of Idelic, who happens to be one of DriverReach’s strongest integrated partners.

During his time working in trucking consulting, Cardiff identified a critical pain problem among fleets of all sizes: Companies have access to an abundance of data but do not have a good solution to use that information to be proactive and predictive about driver behavior.

In today’s environment, with the rise in nuclear verdicts and growing insurance costs and total cost of risk, companies can’t afford not to have operational excellence.

“There’s so much data now coming off of so many different systems. None of that is tied together, it’s all disparate. … But from a litigation standpoint, [fleets] are liable for that data,” Cardiff said.

Seeing the need for a predictive and proactive solution using the data they have, Cardiff decided to do something about it. He founded Idelic, a system that helps companies consolidate data and understand what drivers are at risk, enabling them to gain driver buy-in and then coach and change behavior. 

Ultimately, using machine learning to analyze driver behavior, the program allows companies to identify who is most at risk of crashes and then implement strategies to help prevent those crashes from happening. Cardiff said Idelic found that it can predict more than 60% of crashes before they occur. 

It does this through machine learning. The system has a store of data from over 250,000 individual crashes in its database, which it uses to compare to individual driver behavior to identify who might be highest at risk. 

Cardiff believes effective technology in general should exist to enhance human engagement and not replace it. In the case of Idelic, technology is helping people identify which drivers have the biggest risk potential so they can engage with the right drivers and leverage actionable data to more effectively coach them.

The purpose of coaching, Cardiff said, is to change driver behavior and have a documented trial in case of litigation that shows that the company has taken the necessary steps. While the industry standard has become for safety departments to coach drivers on each individual critical unsafe driving event based on data they receive from their telematics systems, it’s not the most conducive way to get through to a driver.

Idelic’s system helps companies identify patterns of behavior rather than focusing on each event, reducing the number of phone calls and allowing companies to implement a better plan to prevent a major event.

“When you pair this with predictive analytics, you start to see who you need to coach, but more importantly the ‘why’ behind it,” Cardiff said.

Click here to learn more about Idelic.

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