Real-time visibility provider Tive announced Tuesday it has completed upgrading its solutions to enable full end-to-end shipment transparency. 

Tive’s trackers and the data derived from them can now be integrated directly into customers’ transportation management systems, warehouse management systems and other management solutions through an application programming interface integration with the company’s cloud-based platform.

“With this breadth of data contained within the Tive platform, customers gain a real-time, end-to-end, multimodal, multi-leg view of their shipments’ journey and can leverage Tive’s analytics capabilities to better understand and compare carrier performance, optimize and reduce the variability of routes and understand where and when excursions are more likely to occur,” Steve Bonadio, Tive’s vice president of marketing, told FreightWaves. 

While the hardware, the tracker, handles location and condition tracking, this data is only attainable via cellular, Wi-Fi and GPS positioning. Tive customers can now gain access to air and ocean blind spots by entering air waybill numbers, the vessel’s automated identification system GPS coordinates or container numbers into the Tive platform.

“Once Tive trackers are back within cell coverage via a vessel arriving in port or air cargo landing at a destination airport, all collected data — including temperature, humidity, light or shock events — is instantly transmitted to the Tive platform and is tied to the location data from the vessel GPS coordinates or airway bill. This provides a complete, end-to-end picture of the cargo’s journey. In addition, any excursions — such as a temperature spike that surpasses a threshold set by the customer in the Tive platform — can be actioned immediately to ensure that shipments meet the highest-quality standard that customers have come to expect,” Bonadio said.

Bonadio went on to explain the importance of this cargo transit transparency for customers, particularly those in foods and perishable goods and pharmaceuticals, key markets for the visibility firm.

“The use of live geolocation and temperature tracking is integral to complex healthcare supply chains, including cell and gene therapies, high-importance study medications, and direct-to/from-patient clinical trials,” James Smith, VP of global operations of QuickSTAT, said in a news release. “These tools help to proactively mitigate the many challenges that may occur during transit, due to the ability to view live data, which protects product integrity — and ultimately improves the patient experience.”

Moving forward, Tive looks to improve these technologies by making its trackers more affordable, increasing battery life and helping customers take advantage of its new available data to reduce waste in the industry.

“Whether we’re working with 3PLs, carriers or the shippers themselves, we want Tive customers to delight their customers — by providing a rich experience and actionable data and analytics to help them optimize operations, reduce excursions, minimize rejected loads and decrease instances of theft, damage and spoilage,” said Bonadio.

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