On episode 677 of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner is joined by Skylo CEO and co-founder Parthsarathi Trivedi. Skylo is the leading direct-to-device satellite connectivity service provider, and we’ll find out how their service is bringing visibility and tracking to freight and fleets.

Does insurtech have a big liability problem? Adam Barnett, chief underwriting officer at HDVI, talks about the past year being the worst on record for liability losses in the industry. We’ll find out what this means for the future of truck insurance and your fleet.

Freightees is a brand new trucking apparel company. We’ll meet their founder, Jared Gilmer, to learn about why he started the business, what designs the people are buying and if the Coyote curve applies to fashion.

Plus, how WHAT THE TRUCK?!? led to a couple getting married; gaslighting jobs report; high cost of hydrogen; trucking valets; the harsh reality of getting fired on the road and more.

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