This fireside chat recap is from FreightWaves’ 3PL Summit on Wednesday.

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: Behind the Wheel: Expert Advice from an Owner-Operator

DETAILS: Chad Boblett, seasoned owner-operator and influencer, highlights the challenges of trucking. He emphasizes the importance of good health for safer driving and offers financial tips for starting a trucking business. Boblett advocates for creating a supportive community, exemplified by his Facebook group, to inspire and share knowledge among owner-operators and aspiring truckers.


“Everybody should be doing what I’m doing. Nobody should be working that hard for someone else. You should be getting your own truck. … That led me on a path of teaching other people [on Facebook].”

“Health is the first thing comes to mind when I think of safety on the road. … You need to keep track of your blood pressure, and if it is getting a little out of whack, you need to do what you need to correct that. … If you think you have sleep apnea, get tested. If you’re 10% overweight, dedicate your time to getting back in line.”

“I hear other truck drivers talking about this and I totally agree with them: The more you can prepare your food at home, the better off you’re going to be because it’s just so hard to get good-quality, healthy food when you’re out on the road.”

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