On episode 678 of WHAT THE TRUCK?!?, Dooner is joined by The Tenney Group’s Spencer Tenney to talk about their annual logistics and supply chain M&A report. With the number of companies available to purchase hitting a 10-year high, it could be an electric market. We’ll find out what deals worked, which didn’t and what trends will define ’24. 

How do you haul monster loads? BlackBox Logistics’ Will Hopkins talks about the art and logistics of trucking gigantic pieces of equipment.

The Honorable Jim Sanborn believes that for supply chain tech to matter it has to make life easier. We’ll find out what solutions he likes and if he thinks the Scheduling Standards Consortium will drive innovation. 

Hippix Logistix’s Andrei Hippix stops by the studio to introduce his company, talk about his journey from being an expedited driver to becoming a founder, and paying out over $3 million to drivers. 

Plus, the Grammys were brought to you by a truck; Apple Vision Pro hits the streets; Tesla Semis’ chip haul; and ordering a house on Amazon. 

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